Podcasting, Books Galore, Inbox Zero [PR]

I cut out so much from this productivity report but it’s still unweildy and probably a pain to read. Sorry about that! But here is the gist of what I’ve been up to over the past few days or so. On the same note, not sure how detailed I’m going to be with these reports. I’ll still post some stuff, but not so much dog gone detail. Ya’ll can ask for specifics if you’d like and then I’ll reply with what I can. Hope that works!

Productivity Report: 2014-03-09

  1. Stitcher podcast feed information updated finally – new episodes are available in Stitcher now – search for “Business and Career Clarity.” iTunes coming up next.
  2. Setup podcast links & info through blubrry wordpress plugin for ~40 posts. Uggg.
  3. Created new set on Flickr and uploaded 50 YouTube video thumbnails – all linking back to my YT channel.
  4. Created a new “Video Tools” page to start including some of my video resources – and a new gallery with 50 YouTube video thumbnails. Was mainly just looking for a way to get another bunch of images with my name/site/youtube channel in the file name for Google image search. Too many richard stephensons out there – gotta take over them all! 🙂
  5. Oops – forgot to update metadata / images for podcast files… 93 more MP3’s uploaded (220 Mb… 6 hours… uggg – fell asleep after hopping in bed for a little rest next to wifey – day ended a little short there!).
  6. Created 25 catchy, relevant, and enticing chapter headings and new glyph image for each chapter. Put it all in TM02 book. Linked up the table of contents, tested out links, and looking good.
  7. Did final edit of TM02 (renumbered – see next entry in this list).
  8. TM books recap: TM01 and TM03 were done, renumbered a bit and just got TM02 finished up. Just felt better in this spot than where it was before.
  9. Created 25 catchy, relevant, and enticing chapter headings and new glyph image for each chapter. Put it all in TM04 book. Linked up the table of contents, tested out links, and looking good.
  10. Fixed some misdirected links on the RS custom 404-error page. Added a big button to get the free strengths course/signup page.
  11. Changed up “contact me” page form to use the built-in wordpress form creator as there were some issues with the plugin I was using. Added 2 new fields for “Reason for Contact” and “Urgency.” Hoping to get a bit more information and a preliminary sense of the need.
  12. Cleaned up personal email account – down to <10 actionable emails. Culled out 613 old junkers. Feels good.
  13. TM06: Created new survey, posted 28 HITs, got results back within the day, 2 did not follow directions, going with 26 good ones. Doing more thorough check before approval.
  14. RS Articles: Linked up, cleaned up, and scheduled another 19 articles – including YouTube embed, podcast embed, and publishing every other day through June 30, 2014. 787 posts total @ RS.com. Added podcast info / links in, too (already had files uploaded).
  15. YouTube Scheduled Videos: added unique, fresh, 300 word blurbs to 19 more videos – all linking back to the RS.com posts.
  16. TM06 Survey: results reviewed and cleaned up, HITs approved/folks paid, new qualification made to categorize TM06 survey takers, new qualification assigned. Done with this part! Noticed a few folks who appear to have more than one job… hmmm… guess I need to tighten up HIT instructions!
  17. TM06 Book: new template made, fancy headings generated, glyph made and inserted.
  18. TM05 Book: cleaned up formatting, chapter headings, linked up, buttoned up for mid-edit review.
  19. TM04 Book: cleaned up formatting, chapter headings, linked up, buttoned up for mid-edit review.
  20. Created new mega-survey template script for generating blog post content/info on specific business related topics. Made a new survey HIT template in mturk. Posted 630 new HITs. Let the info roll in!
  21. Created new survey template for TM07. Waiting on publish to sift through the attention the 630 HIT wave will attract.
  22. Tweaked some calls to action on 2 sales pages for the more popular products on RS.com. People don’t like clicking buttons on my site apparently… they’re just fine with text but turn it into a button and they get scared. Weird.
  23. Tax stuff… bills, receipts, 1099’s, CSV bank records, bleh… so much busy work that feels like nothing is getting done. Chuggin’ away!
  24. Recorded 12, 15, 18 more YouTube videos… I’m losing count. I’m just planning to pile them up and do them in batches of 100 or so.
  25. Quick review of TM07 survey results – only 1 obvious reject – questions are getting better it seems. 29k words total. Will do full review soon and approve HITs shortly thereafter. All 27 remaining approved as good enough to work with.
  26. Did preliminary review of 630 mini-survey responses and only 5 look like they are not good enough to use. Not bad.
  27. TM07: Made new template, populated with text, formatted sections, cleaned it up a bit, linked it up, added fancy headings.

Sidewager Tip: Probably known to all but me, but you can use the “Replace All” to apply formatting styles. SO instead of going in and manually bolding certain sentences for all 30 chapters, I can simply search for the sentence and replace with the bolded alternative. Saved me 45 minutes here per book. Nice!

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Quick & Easy Methods for Making Money that Work Now?

I recently went through a bunch of survey results that touched on some questions revolving around making money online. Capture inside of this interesting set of data were a few nuggets of potential interest. So I kept some running notes as I was running through them.

I have NOT checked out these sites or done the research on these, yet, but these were recommendations from survey takers. This list also serves as my reminder to-do list to go through these in the future. Just wanted to share it early with ya’ll so you could check it out, to.

Here goes:

  1. Deborah Killion – youtube
  2. David Kiger
  3. http://www.reddit.com/r/beermoney
  4. http://www.thepennyhoarder.com/
  5. Jon Leger
  6. http://workersonboard.com
  7. hijab pins and teekas
  8. http://workplacelikehome.com
  9. http://gigwalk.com
  10. Click to Reveal sites
  11. Dan Moskel – affiliate marketing books
  12. Rosalind Gardner – affiliate marketing books
  13. The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing by Bruce C. Brown
  14. rat race rebellion
  15. flex jobs
  16. http://www.mbaco.com
  17. http://www.taskrabbit.com
  18. http://www.agentanything.com

Some of it looks interesting at first glance – can’t wait to check it out. I also want to read your thoughts, too!

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Videos Abound, Podcasts Around, & Surpise Sites? [PR]

Got another round of productivity report bits for you here. This might be the first one you’ve received notification of in an email (and you’ll read why later on in the list). If that’s the case, then head on over to the site, sidewages.com, and catch up on the tons of useful (and not so useful) stuff I’m spraying all over it.

It’s a bit of a big mess this time but it’s listed in order of operation. Here goes:

Productivity Report for 2014-04-25

  1. Installed new podcast plugin for RS, “Seriously Simple Podcasting.” I had a very short lived podcast some time ago (a whole 3 episodes) and the now defunct URL still sends a seriously yummy amount of traffic to my 404 page. I’ve got a ton of audio files (~2 to 5 minutes) with the whole YouTube blast… no one’s in the super-short podcast space for business/careers… what the heck, right?
  2. Made new super-simple and cheesy “Business and Career Clarity” podcast image for the feeds and podcast players out there.
  3. Uploaded 35 podcast MP3’s to the site and arranged the links for backfilling in the YouTube posts. Those posts will now have the video, transcript, and podcast all on one page. Sounds pretty dog gone useful to a visitor, right? I think so and am going with it.
  4. Removed Seriously Simple Podcasting (SSP) plugin – going back to blubrry powerpress podcast plugin. SSP required me to create all new post like items… ain’t gonna happen. Blubrry (BB) let’s you just tag on the podcast info on the post page. This will work best for my nominal bulk import methods and I’ll just come add the podcast stuff after import is complete on the post.
  5. Created a new survey (with new questions) for TM#05. Posted 25 HITs for this job.
  6. Recorded another 9 YouTube videos. Haven’t been able to do more in the last 2 days as my voice is all funked up. Oh wells.
  7. Prepared 58 youtube-based audio files for transcription. Uploaded files. Grabbed URLs. Made CSV template files for mturk batching. Xenu’d the links – all is well! Ready to post the transcriptions. Will wait until the morning as that tends to cut down on lower quality submissions (not sure why since I limit the transcriptions to English speaking countries only – I guess people are just more awake in the morning?).
  8. …and 3 hours later all 25 survey jobs are done. Downloading the results and will go through it tomorrow or so. Oops – quick review shows 2 that didn’t follow directions – rejected and reposted.
  9. Surveys for TM#05 are all cleaned up and ready to be inserted into the book template.
  10. All 58 of the latest YouTube video transcriptions are done and look pretty dang good. 26,234 words by the way.
  11. Also in the process of downloading all episodes of My Brother, My Brother, and Me from 2010. These guys aren’t for everybody but man the situations remind me so much of conversations I’ve had with my 2 brothers it’s just too fun to listen to. A little too irreverent for some but all in good fun – rated R folks!
  12. Beat Killzone3 (PS3). Disappointing ending but a white-knuckle ride all the way there. Was a little easy on Veteran mode but still challenging. Starting up Deus Ex: Human Revolution – liked the old PC games and reminds me of Shadowrun, a Sega Genesis favorite.
  13. Uploaded 17 videos to YouTube (friggin’ 8 hours… uggg internet sucks here). All scheduled out as daily publish through March 18th.
  14. Created & uploaded 17 custom thumbnail images for those 17 Youtube videos.
  15. Uploaded another 22 videos to YouTube.
  16. Completely linked up, formatted, and readied 39 posts for RS.com.
  17. Imported 39 posts to RS.com for distribution every other day to just before June 2014. Currently at 768 posts total, 75 scheduled.
  18. Created new template for TM#05 book. Added all 25 posts to the file. Formatted it up.
  19. Created 39 youtube video blurbs and tags lists for …ahem… 39 videos. About 7,600 of the toughest words I’ve had to write in a long time. Ouch. Outsourcing that next time. 🙂
  20. Setup a simple wordpress site for my son’s birthday present (the non-LEGO present lol) so he can just blog, write, post his heart out whenever.
  21. Sorted out tax paperwork, receipts, donations, etc type paperwork to prepare for the fun tax times just around the corner. I think this will be the last year I do it myself.
  22. Setup a new RSS-campaign in Mailchimp so you great SideWagers will actually get an email when I post something new.
  23. Checked over stats for my RS list in Mailchimp: ~160 signups in Jan 2014, 302 thus far in Feb 2014. Looking good! Stats also pointed me to removing the direct link to the strengths kit and audiobook – too soon, not enough clicks, 2-3 other links that eventually lead there already. It was too much. Let’s see what it does.
  24. Finally download iTunes to get the new podcasts in order… but oh so DON’T want to install it. Other benefit: I can finally start reviewing some of those podcasts I love. I’ll get around to it, but I’ve got to swallow my pride a bit here I think. Give me a few days – lol.

NOTE: Eye troubles and super-congestion issues have cut a few days very short. Still chugging along though.

Remember to ask me any questions you have and I’ll get right on them. Have a good one – peace out SideWagers!

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Niche Sites, YouTube Video Issues, Dimes For Dollars [PR]

A few days worth of activities captured in today’s report. The past week or so has been a blur of activity, funky weather, and funky body sickness or tiredness. I’ve been doing some new exercises that kicked my butt… well… upper back to be exact. I’m going to go ahead and admit I’ve stayed up a bit too late playing games in the “free time” block in lieu of sleep. Getting the work done (as you’ll see) but instead of hitting the hay at 12:30 AM I was firing up the PS3 until 02:30 AM. Uggg. Changing that now – just had to get it out in the open.

Productivity Report for 02/17/2014

  1. Cleaned up and formatted 25 new posts for a niche site. Think I’m going to schedule them for posting every other day to get 50 days out of it.
  2. Purchased some domains for my wife, son, and daughter. Going to make a real simple wordpress site for my son to call his own for his birthday coming up. Might as well start putting some content out there now! 🙂
  3. Did a bunch of home finances stuff… hate it when that stuff gets in the way!
  4. Did some tax stuff for the business… don’t like this stuff either.
  5. Installed WP Import plugin on a niche site for bulk post imports.
  6. Looked over mailchimp stats to see how the numbers are going up since the 7search strengths course campaign. Unfortunately, mailchimp analytics kind of suck. However, gut feel for the daily status emails I get – increase is 100-150% per day (so from 5-10 to 10 to 25). Ad info coming next.
  7. Checked over 7search ad campaign stats. It looks like it’s not tracking the conversions properly as I am getting a lot more signups than it says… I’m way okay with that. Regardless, even with the funky stats, I’m at $0.45 per lead with a TON of room for optimization. Ad spend remains at under $1.50 per day and almost 6 digit impressions and ~5% CTR. I’m liking this so far. LTV value of test takers is low but at least 5x of current ad spend so… trading dimes for dollars is okay with me!
  8. Imported all 25 articles to niche site – forgot I needed some catchy and unique headlines… took some time. Cleaned up some formatting, too. Just increased the site’s total post count by 250% lol and am good through early April 2014 on a posting schedule of every other day. Yay! Though I fully expect Google to ignore the posts for a few months.
  9. Changed up strengths test to give me cleaner test taker data. Going to use the responses to guide future ideas as well as make some neato 101 type list posts.
  10. Been doing some mega-reformatting on pages to make the main CTA links look like fancy buttons.
  11. Did a complete catalog of all RS products – I’m just about fed-up with my current nasty listing of products and want to take it full store-style. Planning on giving WooCommerce a shot.
  12. Turned 780 “what’s your biggest frustrations” answers from the strengths test survey into a 10 part article series on workplace frustrations. Scheduled it up for the next 20 days, every other day to intertwine with the youtube blast that’s already scheduled. Work count on these 10 posts is ~17k.
  13. Did some transfer, file renaming, and organizing of 51 YouTube videos to be uploaded, scheduled, and posted soon.
  14. Created 260 YouTube video topic cue cards. Separated them out into categories and culled down the business related section to about 140. Should tide me over on the commute video vlogging for about a month and a half.
  15. Redid all Google ads on RS to go with the relatively new asynchronous load option. Pages load fast as all get out now – very cool.
  16. Made and placed a new 300×250 ad in the sidebar to replace the 160×600 skyscraper. Added a “Products” button that mirrors James Schramko’s on superfastbusiness.com. He knows what he’s talking about and he tests his stuff. Granted, I’m in a different niche, but it’s a start.
  17. Recorded another 9 YouTube videos while gallivanting around town. I’m really digging this use of otherwise not-as-useful time. Hate using the “Fancy camera” but man I need my carrier to get some new phones… this front-facing camera quality is the pits. OH well, doesn’t stop me and there have been MUCH more interactions on my channel since I started this daily blast. Good stuff!
  18. Beat Bioshock Infinite… my mind is blown. I sat there with my mouth open for a while… good stuff. I recommend picking it up though I would caution that it might not tickle your fancy until about the Raffle event of the game. Give it at least that much attention and decide if it’s your deal. Not much of a pure FPS fan, but just started Killzone3 on Veteran difficulty – friggin’ beautiful and intense as all get out. Not running and gunning this one like I thought.

On a side note, I seem to have an eyelid infection of some sort… making it hard as all hee-haw to pay attention to the screen. Cutting the workday MUCH shorter today and hoping for the best for tomorrow. Guess my body is saying something about my current sleep patterns. Hmmm. 🙂

Peace out Sidewagers!

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Surveys, Books, & Games?! [Productivity Report]

Got a big one here for you today. Some fun nuggets, some ninja nuggets, and some sobering nuggets. Enjoy!

Productivity Report for 02/12/2014

  1. Created a FULL ON template for target market research books (bookmarked, chapters filler spots, intro, back matter, linked table of content, etc.).
  2. Edited strengths test to remove the 6 demographic survey questions… I’ve got over 2 months of data (~28,000 entries) and it’s time for some new questions.
  3. Edited strengths test page and script to ask the test taker what pressing life/career/business questions they want answered. It’s going to need some refinement but I’m going to see what comes out of it first. Plan to use these questions as YouTube, article, or survey primers… and getting some great insight into what my visitors really want. 🙂
  4. Made a new mturk survey template for target market #04 (TM04). Added a few more questions and revised a few questions to round out the overall responses.
  5. Beat Enslaved for the PS3 – good game, great characters (except for Pigsly! lol), with a meh ending. Definitely worth the $9 used. Now starting Bioshock Infinite for my exercise and guild free play (GFP) routines. So far it’s blowing my mind… like… having related dreams and stuff. Crazy!
  6. Published 25 HITs for the TM04 survey – time for another round of awesome data!
  7. Compiled and preliminarily edited TM02 book – 19 customer interviews and ~21k words. Awesome responses. I’m really digging this new product line just for the insight I’m gaining.
  8. Got all 25 TM04 results back… I just love the comments the fine folks have for me. Lovely human beings!
  9. Compiled and preliminarily edited TM03 book – 25 customer interviews and ~24k words. I need to get into this niche! LOL
  10. Completed preliminary formatting, cleaning, and preparing on 25 TM04 survey results. My goodness… these were tear-jerkers!
  11. Created new set of questions for TM05 survey (completely different set of questions).
  12. Created new set of non-niche market book survey questions for another site of mine that is showing some life after the whole Google-slap and SEO-bashing fest that’s been happening over the past few months. This one’s an adsense site but CPC for several keywords is double digits.
  13. Created new mturk template for the niche site survey. Posted 25 new HITs for it, too.
  14. Got all 25 niche site survey responses back. Long, great, and really useful! I’ll go through them soon.
  15. Had to go and update / double-check 202 YouTube videos for any terms of service violations. I’m pretty dog-gone straight laced, but a real big YouTuber made a video how his 6-fgure income channel got taken down because of (possibly malicious) flags and “excessive or irrelevant tags” as one of the reasons for striking his record. I though I had a video or two that would qualify for the same excessive flag thing (from when I first started out) and wanted to get it all up and right. Uggg… lot of work.
  16. Updated all H / heading tags for the theme as they were all over the place and really pretty dang insultingly ugly.
  17. Updated DOPE Test landing page to use the button style for the call-to-action (CTA) and to add back in the money-back guarantee. Created a “blue-box” content style for the guarantee boxes (only).

SideWager Note: I am working so many of the TM books in tandem (and not publishing) as I want to flood the product space in close succession. This is one of those highly potentially profitable ideas that could be replicated by wanna-bes and I don’t want any hard competitors… just the easy ones that I’ll be 15-25 books, 500,000 words, and thousands of dollars ahead on. It wouldn’t be easy to compete regardless, but I want to completely discourage and intimidate with a huge library. Plus, always good to have more inventory for buying customers!

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YouTube Repurposing, Market Research, & Books [Productivity Report]

A few days wrapped up in today’s productivity report, but I think you’ll find a couple of neat things in here. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Productivity “To Done” List:

  1. My 7search account is now on temporary hold… say they need to validate the payment method… even though I pre-paid. Not sure what to think of this but my campaigns are on hold, which sucks big time because there’s still good money in the account. Emailed them and waiting for a response.
  2. Got all transcriptions back and an starting to review. I am very lenient on the video transcriptions as the content is meant to be quick and casual. I’ll still filter for obvious mismatches, but this is light duty editing here. Oh and it turned out to be 13,000 words – nice!
  3. Using keywordresearcher to get some YouTube video blast topics in order. Going to run them through Market Samurai to see which ones actually get some traffic and do those first.
  4. Converted all of the transcriptions over to the WP Import format for bulk import after I proofread and approve the HITs in the next day. 35 new blog posts (with embedded video!) ready to rock and roll.
  5. Proofread, formatted, and coded up all 35 YT video transcribed text files – including youtube video embed codes for each.
  6. 7Search.com account back and active – just needed to email them and I was good to go. Weird, but simply remedied.
  7. My phone’s been rooted, but barely utilized that power. Uninstalled just about every dang thing (bloatware from factory) and she’s a runnin’ like a champ.
  8. Used WP Import to import and schedule out all 35 YT blast posts for every other day between 8AM and 9AM. Got posts through 04/24/2014 now. Yeah!
  9. Doing some interesting Instagram image searching… not sure where this is going other than testing out some ideas.
  10. Book for TM01 is fully put together now @ about 18,400 words. Time to do some editing, formatting, pictures, sprucing, and the likes.
  11. Using keywordresearcher to prune through 4919 combinations of keywords to find some long tail goodies. And fast forward a few hours later… 28,845 long tail keywords to dig through. Nice!
  12. Noticed that Amazon KDP changed up the book metadata pages a tad… there is now a “Subtitle” Field instead of the usual TITLE:SUBTITLE method. Went back in and updated 17 books.
  13. Completed semi-final edit on TM02 book. Linking up and refining the front/back matter now. Thinking about funnels and the likes.
  14. Created target market series landing page as an entryway to other TM books, products, lists, etc.

Sidewager Tip: want a word count of a big block of text? Yes, you could just paste it in Microsoft Word and get the number, but if you’re working in big spreadsheets (which is what MTurk gives you), then this formula might help:


…where ‘A2’ is the cell with the text in it. That’s it!

Sidewager Tip: Want to check out a constantly changing stream of images, no fuss no muss? Go to this URL, but replace ‘HASTAG’ with a word/tag of your choice (note: certain tags don’t work). On a completely unrelated note… *cough*… this Firefox plugin is cool: Download Them All.

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Lists, Transcriptions, & WordPress Jams

Jumping right into the list today… enjoy!

Productivity Report (multiple days)

  1. Made new newsletter signup 7search ad campaign using my strengths course autoresponder series, dumping them right on the opt-in page. Also started tracking signups. Let’s see what happens!
  2. Wasted WAY too much time making my social sharing buttons look stellar… oh well, at least they look stellar now. Or something.
  3. Converted 35 YouTube videos to audio MP3 files with foobar2000 – going to transcribe and post to RS.com & embed YT video. Staggered daily release for ~2 weeks after the video posts on YT.
  4. Made 3 new MTurk batch templates for transcription jobs: 2min jobs, 3min jobs, and 4min jobs.
  5. Posted (5) 2 minute, (19) 3 minute, and (11) 4 minute audio transcription jobs. Should end up being about 10k words and another 35 posts for the blog section of RS.com.
  6. Converted all Yoast WordPress SEO settings over to Genesis Framework SEO settings with the “SEO Data Transporter” plugin. ~3300 items transferred over without a hitch. One less plugin to mess things up.
  7. Remove 3 more plugins to tighten stuff up a bit on RS.com.
  8. Rewrote the copy on the newsletter signup page… it was bad. I guess I threw that up real quick and “promised” to come back to it “soon.” Oops. Should have put that on the calendar. Lesson learned.
  9. Market Research Book: TM01: got to 10K words into fleshing out edit #1.

Sidewager Tip: on getting URL’s for files you’ve uploaded via FTP to your site. Use FileZilla FTP to do this. Select everything you want a URL on, right-click, copy URL’s to clipboard, and bada-bing you’re golden. Saves a TON of time when batching files.

Sidewager Tip: on checking those links to make sure they’ll work later. Get Xenu’s Link Sleuth – it’s free. Put the links in a text file, load the file in Xenu, about 20 seconds later you’ll have your results.

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Surveys, Market Research Books, & Genesis Framework [Productivity Report]

I FINALLY bit the bullet and went with a premium theme for Richardstep.com. Overall, I think it’s a nice improvement and doesn’t make me feel so cheap. 🙂 Used the Executive Pro theme by the way. Total cost was $99 — besides any conversion numbers that come about, the look and feel alone is worth it.

OH and you know what helped me bite that bullet? I had a YouTube video prompt about making your website standout in a sea of BLEH websites… in which I fessed up to still using a free theme. Guess that out-in-the-open confession pushed me over the edge. 🙂

Productivity Report (Several Days)

  1. Minor ad tweaking – got about 2000 impressions and 17 clicks so far… for $0.33. Terrible conversion, but there is tons of room for ad copy tweaking.
  2. Reviewed and approved 25 survey submissions for TM03 (for real this time).
  3. Added all 25 workers to the TM03 survey qualification type. One “double-dipper” survey taker made it in, but oh well answers look legit.
  4. Brainstormed out an overall template for the new market survey books I am putting together. This is just the start as I suspect this can be taken out to a membership site / paid newsletter level of product as I can continue to get new and fresh information on a regular basis. For now, testing the waters with Kindle/PDF books is the aim. I’ll see what works and then blast it up.
  5. Created word template for the market survey books.
  6. Tweaked a whole new set of copyright / legal disclaimers for the new set of books.
  7. 6 more YouTube videos for the meta, thumbnails, description, etc. Have also been saving the big thumbnail files as I’ll throw those over to Flickr or some such for extra YT channel traffic.
  8. Converted survey results for TM01, TM02, TM03 over to individual text files for make some of my automated processes easier. 64 text files total – something like 47,000 words total. Still need to clean them up a bit and read them through. Planning to use these as market research book content as well as posts (or maybe teaser posts to go over to a membership site… or just as leads in to the book series… not sure yet).
  9. Redid the ad copy on 7search campaign. Also opened it up to all countries… probably not going to help, but what the heck. I’m at an ad spend of $0.17 per day… lol.
  10. Researched, shopped, bought, installed, configured, and 80% tweaked new Genesis Framework + Executive Pro theme for RS.com. I like it, thought I’ve got a bit more tweaking to do.
  11. Okay, all tweaked up on the new theme, custom images made, landing pages fluffed up, and new newsletter signup widget working and looking snazzy. I think it looks great except for a few headings here and there I need to clean up. I REALLY want to get rid of the Google Ads, too, but $800 to $1,000 a month extra is kind of hard to just throw away.

That’s it for now – have a good one.

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Changing Autoresponder Frequency – Watch Out!

I just posted in my productivity report for a few days back that I did some autoresponder tweaking. Part of that tweakage was making the frequency of emails go down from once a week to once every 4 days. No problem, right? Until I got an email this morning from Peter in reply to part 5 of the series:

“I did not receive part 4.”

Hmmm… I wonder why that is… I’ll have to look into this later.

And then it flashed me back to when I signed up for one of Andre Chaperon’s email thingies… that’s what he does and he’s pretty dang good (and pricey!) at it. I distinctly remember missing a few of the sequence emails and emailing Andre right back about them.

Of course, one of his employees responded, but it boiled down to me missing a few of the autoresponders out of the entire sequence. Unfortunately for Andre, that completely pulled me out of the sequence and the rest of them didn’t logically follow each other well. Unsubscribed, unfortunately – I wanted to know!

What I now think happened is that he or his folks were tweaking the AR frequency rate. As it was probably set to “X # of days after signup,” if you go and change the minimum numbers around, that forced the subscriber to skip ahead in time or the sequence.

The same happened for Peter. Oops! I copy/pasted the part 4 for him, but I can’t imagine someone with a list in the 5 and 6 digits having to deal with this. Yuck! Onsie twosies is just fine and a great way to connect. 🙂 But thousands! *shudder*

Just keep this in mind if you’re changing your autoresponder rates. You might just want to make a new set of faster autoresponders, pull the folks off the current autoresponders (carefully), and then put them on the new ones. Arse-ton of work, but would be the most accurate and non-confusing for your subscribers.

Just a head’s up!

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Ad Campaigns, Surveys, YOUTUBE! [Producitivity Report]

I finally got around to spending some money on the more “complicated” ad sites out there. I’ve tried StumbledUpon and Twitter and the traffic gained was just crap for conversions.

This time I hit up a small little company that could get me some VERY valuable test data at $0.01 per click: 7search.com. So far, the results are not bringing in the dough, but talk about some interesting data and valuable experience on the cheap.

…and more YouTube videos. Love shooting them and doing the occasional gigantic edit (or course), but oh my goodness the custom thumbnails, uploading, meta-data, linking, etc. is just the pits when done en masse. Oh well.

Slammed down a few more market research surveys for a new project. It’s looking like some real good data.

Productivity Report: 01/28/2014

NOTE: there are about 3-4 days captures in this one in order of occurrence.

  1. Posted 5 more surveys for market research on target market #1 (like I’m going to say what it is!) 🙂 reveals will come later, don’t worry.
  2. Posted 20 new surveys for market research on a new target market #2.
  3. Reposted 4 or the TM#2 surveys due to poor quality. Even with the most specific job descriptions… you still get some subpar submissions. Work with it, be kind and professional, and tweak your descriptions as needed.
  4. Did some keyword research on market research. Probably going to need to be catchy/branded with a keyworded subtitle.
  5. Testing $25 worth of $0.01 CPC banner advertising through 7search.com. Expectations are VERY low, but willing to see what happens.
  6. Did meta information, thumbnail, and other goodies for 3 more YouTube videos… then just had to go to sleep. So boring… but so useful.
  7. Created a new survey template for target market #03.
  8. Published 25 new survey jobs for TM03
  9. Tweaked bids, researched some more keywords, and updated 7search campaign. Added 20 more keywords and 11 category ads. Adjusted bids for visibility – pretty neat data here.
  10. Created a new survey template for asking about obsolete or unavailable products and services.
  11. Published 20 of the obsolete/unavailable survey jobs – testing the waters to see if the template gives decent results.
  12. …and another 15 YouTube videos for meta, thumbnails, descriptions, etc. Poke my eyes out with a spoon! 🙂
  13. Updated all 8 autoresponders in the Strengths Building course to reflect a new emailing frequency of “every 4 days” instead of weekly.
  14. Reviewed and approved 25 survey results for TM03 (only took a few hours to get the surveys – nice!). As a side note, you can tell when people are just phoning in the answers. Granted, the information is useful, but I’m borderline disinclined to approve the work. These things happen. I’ll pay them of course, but they will be tagged as not that useful and thereby avoided for future jobs.
  15. Updated all landing pages / verbiage for the Strengths Building course to reflect the new 4 day schedule.
  16. Refined the 7search campaign again – moved all keywords to broad as impressions were low. We’ll see what happens. Also added some negative keywords to get rid of junk (like ‘free’).

Here is a list of negative keywords I used:

  • free
  • cheap
  • nude
  • naked
  • sex
  • porn
  • porno
  • torrent
  • torrents
  • youtube
  • craigslist
  • ebay
  • color


That’s it for this round. Have a good one Sidewagers!

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YouTube Goals and eComm Research [Productivity Report: 01/26/2014]

Just a quick note: I’m not doing a daily report – just kind of a roll up and post every few days. I keep a text file open and just jot things down as I go through the day. I use the same file the next day and occasionally ‘dump’ the results out here on the SideWages blog. Works for me… not sure what you think, but hey – I know no one’s reading this anyway so there. 🙂 Here goes this round…

Productivity Report

  1. Uploaded 10 more YouTube videos, scheduled daily releases
  2. Edited meta data and made customer thumbnails for 10 YouTube videos
  3. Researched major industries (by # of businesses registered in the US) for target market series of books.
  4. Did some long tail keyword research for target market data – looking to layout verbiage for a series of books I am putting together.
  5. Recorded 9 more YouTube videos.
  6. Forgot to mention all of these videos I am uploading require a 100 to 300 word description to be useful, a catchy and meaningful title, and some relevant tags. Oh and a link back to someone useful and relevant. A lot of work! 🙂
  7. Uploaded and scheduled another 9 YouTube videos.

Side Note: people often wonder what to outsource to a virtual assistant (VA) or whatever… I friggin’ HIGHLY recommend all of the YouTube stuff that isn’t actually filming. Talk about a drag! Side Note Part 2: I’ve had to remind myself of this and you might be wondering so I’m going to say it. I’m doing so much YouTube stuff for a few reasons:

  1. I have a goal of 100 videos for 2014
  2. I have a goal for at least 3 more Udemy courses
  3. I want to move more toward video training
  4. I can leverage video like no other content (images, pdf, transcription to blog post, audio, video on multiple sites, etc)
  5. I enjoy the heck out of video & it’s good confidence / speaking / fluidity of thought practice
  6. I do make a little money from Adsense on YT videos
  7. It’s content related to my business interests (mostly)
  8. It’s (mostly) valuable content that will help people
  9. It’s a great way to test a subject / topic / niche to see if it’s worth diving into further
  10. Google loves YouTube, other sites love to latch onto videos, & I can put links in the description/video

That’s plenty of rationalization for my liking.

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